My little boy, using a rock for a pillow!

Does anyone watch snakebytes on youtube?

That little circle dance your tarantula does with their food

Here’s my beautiful little guy or girl..

I bought a Brazilian giant white knee tarantula (a.geniculata)! finally! not sure on gender as they’re still young but I’m so looking forward to watching this little guy/girl. I was expecting to pay a lot more than I did. Just set up their home, will be uploading some photos asap

Mama, whatcha doooing?

..and lastly this is their little pastel ball python! the photo doesn’t really do much justice to her lovely colour though

My neighbours beautiful brazilian rainbow boa.. I was so excited to meet this little lady

while we were living at the flat we were super lucky to find some friends who were interested in reptiles too. they have a corn snake, a pastel ball python, a brazilian rainbow boa and a cali king snake so i’m pretty excited to go to there place and handle some :)

having a photo clear out and found this photo of my first tarantula rosie (she was a chilean rose). since she passed i got a female mexican red knee and think i probably had a male. rosie never shed with me and had no intentions of finding her a mate so really it didn’t matter if it was a she or a he, even though i was sold her as a female. anyway, she was a really gentle natured tarantula and i do miss her. she passed away a year ago now so just thought i’d put this up in her memory