Someone please make me a famous reptile blog so I can talk to people about reptiles always no one I know even gives a shit and I’m deprived

Make a reptile blorg. We’re a neat community if you ask me ;)

We really are, and most of us love newcomers to the community. Learn and grow with us! :)


Followed from my main. Welcome to the fold

I’m with ya

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Took quite a few nice photos of my corn snake so will post them over the next couple of days

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Cleared space in our bedroom and going to use the space for some more reptiles/inverts/amphibians (mainly snakes). not really too sure what I’ll buy tho. I do still LOVE tree frogs so that’s probably going to be something I’ll get. just going to save up a bit and see what really takes my fancy over time :)

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Don’t have too many pics of her on here so thought I’d get a few for you guys tonight

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Mocha out tonight ☺

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We’ve had 2 sheds today ☺ my kingsnake and corn snake. really strange how they both shed at the same time

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Our beautiful freshly shed girl

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So looking forward to the sheds that are about to appear in the next week or so from my royal python and albino king snake ☺

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He’s getting ready to shed ☺

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My collection of sheds. don’t really know why I collect them. I guess it’s like a visual growth diary?! most of these are my corn snake but there’s one of my royal python and leopard gecko amongst that

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Basically he had started shedding off his skin on the side of his belly and pulled his arm completely out with all fingers in tact. then I helped him with the others so it didn’t rip and he wiggled his tail out ☺

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This arrived in the post today!

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My leopard gecko theo’s shed from around a year ago ☺

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The difference between one of the first sheds from my corn snake, mocha.. and one of the most recent ☺ these are over 2 years

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